• We are the the largest frozen & canned food processing company of India with two plants.
  • We are All Natural & totally Vegetarian Food Product Company and most of our products are 'Clean Labelled' without any chemical inputs or preservatives.
  • Our both Plants are ISO 22000 certified.
  • We have generated employment over 1200 people directly and about 1000 by way of contract farming in backward districts of India.
  • We innovated ' Total Recycle Process' and recycle all organic affluents from food processing plants in our mushroom compost unit and use spent mushroom substrate in contract farming to grow Vegetables for processing. We also process spent compost from mushrooms, Vegetable and Cheese plant waste, using a unique Bio-Dynamic technology to produce manure rich in organic nitrogen that is also an excellent soil conditioner.
  • We cater to Retail, Food Service & Institutional business.

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Himalya International is the pioneer and one of the largest and most diversified food and agribusiness companies of India. We offer a basket of All Natural products that includes Mushrooms, Dairy, French Fries & Potato Specialty products, Battered Appetizers and Ethnic Indian Snacks and Sweets.

Annual Production Capabilities :

Appetizers 9,000 Tons
Mushrooms 10,000 Tons
French Fries 25,000 Tons
Potato Products 9,000  Tons
Canned Products 30 MM Cans
Sweets & Samosas 1500 Tons
Speciality Ice Cream 30 MM Litre
Indian Breads & Curries 1,500 Tons
Speciality Cheese & Butter 5,000 Tons